Blog Post #9: Realize your Dreams

Now that you are reaching the end of your high school career, you are closing a very significant chapter in your life. You will be leaving your childhood home and your childhood pretty much over. As scary as that sounds, a career in architecture will definitely be soothing.

Take a moment and try to remember the things that your enjoyed the most when your were 6-7 years old. I found the most joy in pretending that the world was mine. In my free time i remember always creating scenes in my head and pretending that my house was a kingdom, my room was my palace,  my barbies were the citizens, and that I was in charge. As silly as that sounds, that recurring visions that I had at 7 years old, is still relevant in my life today 14 years later.

A career in architecture will present an abundant amount of opportunities. A career in Architecture will also help you realize the dreams that you once dreamt of as a child. As an architect you will be able to create. You will be able to channel that inner child-like imagination and actually bring your visions to life. Although there will be constraint that you have to work around, you will be able to challenge yourself in every project that you face.

Take for example, Disneyland. As kids, most of us had this dream of one day visiting. For some this dream was probably realized. Regardless if you have gone or, we have that fantasy that Disney is this amazing place that you have to visit at least once in a life time. Disney was Walt Disney’s idea and with the help and imagination
of extraordinary architects Frank Gehry, Michael Eisner, and Robert Venturi, Walt Disney was able to realize the vision for planned theme parks. In her book Building a Dream, Beth Dunlop analysis the though process of the development of the Disney Theme Parks.

The Disney theme parks have also influence various types of architecture. At his firm, John Hendricks, AIA, draws inspiration from the Disney theme parks. Like I mentioned, there is no limit as to what you can do with a career in architecture.

Whether you want design play houses for amusement parks, large corporate buildings,  or single family homes, that imagination  that you enjoyed using as child will still play a role in the way that you will create as an architect.

Word Count: 401

Beth Dunlop, Building A Dream


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