Blog Post #8: The University of Maryland School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation

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The University of Maryland offers an excellent and well accredited architecture program. The School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation (MAPP), offers great resources to incoming students. The school houses 5 programs:
1. Architecture
2. Urban Studies and Planning
3. Historic Preservation
4. Real Estate Development
5. PhD

You can read more about these programs here.

The school offers a summer program for students just like you. The program is intended for students who have just graduated and are considering a degree in architecture or those who want to get a taste of what the program is like. For more information on the program and how to apply click here.

MAPP offers an abundant amount of resources for students interested in the program and students already in the program.

The good news is that the Architecture Major is no longer a limited enrollment program. Many student fear that they have to apply to get into school of architect but that as of 2014 the School of Architecture has launched a the Bachelor of Arts in Architecture. This program works well for students that want to pursue a liberal arts track. This is works well for students interested in learning the skills and thought process of an architect, but also posses other passions. If you want to learn more about the Bachelor of Art in Architecture click here.

The school still offers the Bachelors of Science in Architecture. This track still requires an application and a portfolio review. However, the process is much easier now. Because there was a change in the curriculum you now have access to enrolled in studio courses before applying to get into the B.S of Architecture. You will be able to see if this is the degree program for you and you will have access to resources that will help you build a strong portfolio.

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