Blog Post #10: The Choice is Yours

This post concludes this series of articles. If you are reading this post before reading Blog Posts 1-9. I’d encourage you take a moment and read those first and then come back to this one.

Whether you have been reading these articles as part of an assignment or at your own leisure. I hope you have found the information provided useful. I know that with graduation approaching, career options are probably not the first thing on your list of priorities , but I really do hope you consider the information provided in this series of articles when you do chose a career field. I would also encourage to take advantage of the resources provided like, the University of Maryland School of Architecture, high school summer program.

To assist summing things up I have compiled of list of reasons as to why I decided to pursue a career in architecture:
1.  I saw the opportunity and I went for it
2. I have always enjoyed drawing and painting, but I was not sure if I could really make a living off of it
3. I enjoy problem solving and UMD’s architecture program has helped develop the skills necessary to tackle more complex problems
4. Architecture is far more than aesthetics, there are many layers to architecture.
5. You are not limited in career paths and I like having options.

This career path has allowed me to tailor my future and not limit myself to one said “job.” It allows for the flexible career that can bring great rewards. It allows to try new fields like real estate development, construction or property management, theatre set design, industrial design, designing theme parks, and much more.

The University of Maryland’s School of Architecture Planning and Preservation has been my home for the last 3 years. Four years ago I was in your shoes and spent the 1st year of my college career completely lost. I had no idea what I wanted to do or what degree to pursue, and I decided to meet with a counselor the school of architecture. I was welcomed with open arms, as you too will be too. I hope this series has served as a guide and addressed any doubts that you may have had about architecture. Remember, architecture is not just drawings with pencil and paper, its what you want it to be. The choice is yours.

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Blog Post #9: Realize your Dreams

Now that you are reaching the end of your high school career, you are closing a very significant chapter in your life. You will be leaving your childhood home and your childhood pretty much over. As scary as that sounds, a career in architecture will definitely be soothing.

Take a moment and try to remember the things that your enjoyed the most when your were 6-7 years old. I found the most joy in pretending that the world was mine. In my free time i remember always creating scenes in my head and pretending that my house was a kingdom, my room was my palace,  my barbies were the citizens, and that I was in charge. As silly as that sounds, that recurring visions that I had at 7 years old, is still relevant in my life today 14 years later.

A career in architecture will present an abundant amount of opportunities. A career in Architecture will also help you realize the dreams that you once dreamt of as a child. As an architect you will be able to create. You will be able to channel that inner child-like imagination and actually bring your visions to life. Although there will be constraint that you have to work around, you will be able to challenge yourself in every project that you face.

Take for example, Disneyland. As kids, most of us had this dream of one day visiting. For some this dream was probably realized. Regardless if you have gone or, we have that fantasy that Disney is this amazing place that you have to visit at least once in a life time. Disney was Walt Disney’s idea and with the help and imagination
of extraordinary architects Frank Gehry, Michael Eisner, and Robert Venturi, Walt Disney was able to realize the vision for planned theme parks. In her book Building a Dream, Beth Dunlop analysis the though process of the development of the Disney Theme Parks.

The Disney theme parks have also influence various types of architecture. At his firm, John Hendricks, AIA, draws inspiration from the Disney theme parks. Like I mentioned, there is no limit as to what you can do with a career in architecture.

Whether you want design play houses for amusement parks, large corporate buildings,  or single family homes, that imagination  that you enjoyed using as child will still play a role in the way that you will create as an architect.

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Beth Dunlop, Building A Dream

Blog Post #8: The University of Maryland School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation

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The University of Maryland offers an excellent and well accredited architecture program. The School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation (MAPP), offers great resources to incoming students. The school houses 5 programs:
1. Architecture
2. Urban Studies and Planning
3. Historic Preservation
4. Real Estate Development
5. PhD

You can read more about these programs here.

The school offers a summer program for students just like you. The program is intended for students who have just graduated and are considering a degree in architecture or those who want to get a taste of what the program is like. For more information on the program and how to apply click here.

MAPP offers an abundant amount of resources for students interested in the program and students already in the program.

The good news is that the Architecture Major is no longer a limited enrollment program. Many student fear that they have to apply to get into school of architect but that as of 2014 the School of Architecture has launched a the Bachelor of Arts in Architecture. This program works well for students that want to pursue a liberal arts track. This is works well for students interested in learning the skills and thought process of an architect, but also posses other passions. If you want to learn more about the Bachelor of Art in Architecture click here.

The school still offers the Bachelors of Science in Architecture. This track still requires an application and a portfolio review. However, the process is much easier now. Because there was a change in the curriculum you now have access to enrolled in studio courses before applying to get into the B.S of Architecture. You will be able to see if this is the degree program for you and you will have access to resources that will help you build a strong portfolio.

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Blog Post #7: Becoming the Architect of Your Future


As high school students, you curriculum at Good Counsel, for the most part, has already been pre-set for you. I know that GC has a great college prep program that challenges you to push yourself  mentally, physically, and spiritually. With that being said, I know that right now, so close to graduating, you are filled with excitement, joy, and a little bit of fear.

In a few months you will have the freedom that you probably wanted since you were 14 years old. To some, or at least to me, that was a bit frightening, but nonetheless still exciting. Whether you chose to continue in higher education or go directly into the work force, I encourage you to keep reading.

As you continue to explore career options, remember that you are in control. Your career is up to you. If you have read any of my other articles, you know that this sites revolves around the theme of Architecture as a career. If you didn’t know, well, the central theme and purpose of this series of post is to shed light on architecture as a career.

Pursuing a career, notice that I did not say degree, is a stepping stone for an endless amount of opportunities. There is far more to architecture than one may think. It is a common misconception that if you are an architect you need to become a registered architect. However, that is certainly not true. There are many ways to pursue a career in architecture. Obtaining a license, obtaining a degree, are just two of the various methods. In fact, Michael Riscica, a licensed/registered architect and founder of Young Architect, offers an extensive list of reason why you should not obtain the license.

For the purpose of this post I interviewed my brother, who at the time of the interview, was working as a superintendent for a North Caroline based real estate development and management company. His experience is worth sharing because he an alum of Our Lady of Good Counsel High School and the University of Maryland.

He graduated from the School of Public Health with a degree in Kinesiology. Because he works in the construction industry, I asked him why he did not pursue a degree in architecture or engineering and he said “I really did not see myself working in construction for the rest of my life because by the time I got to college I had been working in hard labor for a couple years. I didn’t enjoy the hard physical labor of construction, so I stayed away.”

Now, you are in control. You get to design the rest of your life. A career in Architecture will open many doors for you.

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Gutierrez, Christian. “Construction Foreman.” Personal interview. 10 Mar. 2017.