Blog Post #6: Real Estate Development

In this post I will introduce the Real Estate Development industry. You may ask how is real estate development relative to architecture or anything mentioned in previous articles, but I encourage your to keep reading to find out why.

What is Real Estate Development?
In short, real estate development is an industry of  planning, building, managing, and selling  properties. You can Learn more about real estate development by clicking here.

In one of my earlier posts, Beyond Architecture, I mentioned a few career opportunities that you will have with a background in architecture. I want to highlight real estate development because if you have enjoyed reading about design, problem solving, and the future, you will enjoy this.

Real estate development is a complex field in itself. Most developers come from a variety of backgrounds, they may have been real estate agents, lenders, lawyers or architects. With an architecture background, you will possess a  strong ability to think critically it will be enjoyable. Real estate development focuses on design, but not just physical appearances. The developer is an entrepreneur, they posses that ability to identify a need and offer many solutions, not solely based on the design of the building. They find the means and ends to bring the vision to life. Becoming a developer requires many skills that you will attain pursuing a career in architecture. A developer is a designer. They must work under given constraints and offer many solutions to one problem.

Many will argue that this industry is too high risk. Developers to take high risk and it is a major part of there careers, but that does not mean it is not something worth trying. Because the risk is high, the rewards is even higher. When a developer fails, it is a result of poor planning and design.

As you begin to develop an understanding of architecture, you will begin to identify the amount opportunities that will be available to you. Becoming a developer with an architecture background is only one of the many fields that will be able to pursue and succeed in.

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