Blog Post #5: The Past, The Present, The Future, and You!

90% of our time is spent within architecture. Naturally, it cannot be avoided.  In this article, I will show you how past architecture has shaped our lives today and how you will be in control of the architecture of the future. How is this relevant to you? Well, just look at your school. Good Counsel is a very aesthetically pleasing school. It massive, with an extensive amount of amenities.

I want to brief the Roman Empire because it is important to see how architecture of the past posses qualities of today’s architecture. The Roman Empire began as a small civilization along the Tiber River on about 753 BCE. It is important to note that the Roman Empire grew at an accelerated rate and grew impressively strong in a short period of time. This was possible because they were located along the side of a moving body of water. The Romans were known for their engineering. They were innovators, known for working with there resources and using what was available to them to create aqueducts, bridges, and temples. This was their response to their community needs. They needed to move water into the cities for public use, they needed places or worship, and they needed to be able to transport to continue to promote trade.

Throughout history the Roman Empire has had a heavy influence in architecture. Society’s needs change with time. I use the Roman Empire as example because they were able to succeed to satisfy the needs of their communities centuries years ago and still have a strong influence on urban developments 2,000 years later. Like the Romans architects today based their work on problem solving with given constraints.As mentioned in my previous post, the ability to problem solve in design is a powerful skill. Today, we have many new tools available to help us facilitate our problem solving, the most innovative being technology.

Many people are skeptical with the use of technology. Many firms haven’t even adapted the use of technology. It is a common perception that technology is discouraging traditional practices. However, that is not the case. Technology serves as another resource for us not only to improve but also facilitate our everyday lives. With new technology and drawing influence from past architecture, you can shape the future. As an architect, you will be able create for you and your generation. Architecture is necessary and having the knowledge to understand and create it is a tool that can change the way future designers think. Today, because of the technology we have access, it has become even easier to asses what out communities wants and what they need. CEO of Hollwick Kushner, Marc Kushner, AIA, states that social media has been a way for architects to receive a response their community with there designs years before anything is built.

In this video, Marc Kushner highlights how this generation will shape the architecture that is to come.

The architects position in the built environment is powerful.

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