Blog Post #2: Architect, Why?

Earlier I mentioned that you will be an architect in this chapter of your life. You will now be in control.

Being an architect is not just drawing shapes on paper all day long. It is far more than that. The biggest concern most students have when considering architecture is their drawing ability. Before enrolling in the school of architecture, that too, was a concern of mine. However, the drawing ability should definitely not be a threat. With technology constantly evolving, more and more firms are becoming more tech savvy and are often shying away from standard orthographic drawings.

Technology has changed the architecture world. We are becoming more powerful, not only how in we design, but how execute our final products. Not only can you design pretty much anything you have ever dreamed of, you can actually see it come to life in real time. This is Building Information Modeling.  In the key note speeches at Autodesk University the importance of promoting these of digital design is highlighted. This adaptation of design is intended for young individuals, like you, to learn and master. Knowing to use the innovative tools will make you stand out from other individuals and increase the value of your skill set. You will have the power to control the environment around you.

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